Date A Theta

I met Bryan in September of my last semester of college, just when I had given up on love. See, I had had my fair share of dating on-campus, sometimes double-booking my weekends and making the most of the fabulous Mexi dinners Texas had to offer.

On one particular ladies-only afternoons, I was chatting with the newest freshman additions to my prided sorority. True to form, I was recounting the hundreds of memories that had plagued my dating scene over the past three and a half years–essentially passing on my best advice about the male population on campus and assuring everyone that they couldn’t have it any worse…

One such member suggested that her brother would be the perfect companion for me.
Day 1: I met Bryan in the TCU Rec center parking lot during Homecoming Weekend. We went to Fuzzy’s. He got a schooner and I got a Diet Coke.
Day 2: Bryan picked me up for the first outing and we headed downtown to a joint called ‘The Library.’ I wore a pair of shoes I found out he later hated and the designer of said shoes would eventually become my future employer. He brought along tidy Nick, his roommate.
Day 3: I attended a local high school football game with my new beau. We got lost and missed a significant part of the game. I debated over a million outfits, having not been to a high school game in a few years..finally settling on a white tee-shirt and jeans.
Day 3, 4, & 5: He picked me up wearing an Entourage shirt. We sat on the couch and watched Entourage. I had never heard of this show before; I was becoming disenchanted.
About 30 days in between: I disappeared like it was my job. I was super busy, it’s true. But definitely not as busy as I made myself appear–I didn’t have time to date around anymore, I was preparing to move to New York City.
After 30 days: I run into Bryan, his sister, and his other sister who has just flown in from LA. The bunch shows up for the sorority initiation and I find myself running into this man everywhere. His other sister encourages him to try, try again, and he asks me to go to lunch the following week.
Mid-November: I am sitting at Charleston’s restaurant having lunch with Bryan . I am pleasantly surprised to not be sitting on-campus eating lunch off of my meal card, which is what I had resolved to be the concept of ‘dating a TCU student.’ I laugh, I smile, I realize that this guy is awesome.
Late November: I am busy trying to retract all the misconceptions about this man that I had fostered, both inside my head and to my closest group of life-cheerleaders.
Thanksgiving: I ask Bryan for a ride to the bus-stop that will take me to the airport. He refuses and instead drives me to the airport. I consider that he might have a crush on me. I talk to him every night over the holiday break for two hours. When my flight is delayed two hours, he returns to the airport for the second time that day to fetch me. I know he likes me because I know how much I hate trips to the airport.
That Sunday night: He wheels my luggage in, watches me unpack like a maniac…which is my ritual after traveling and he has agreed to accept this. He kisses me. He accepts me for the quirks I have and doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon.
And he hasn’t đŸ™‚

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