"I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant"

That’s what I’m watching right now and have been for the past forty minutes. Anyone who knows me knows that I have this freak-show fear that I will suddenly become pregnant (albeit a complete miracle if you know what I mean). In high school, I was the one concerned about the hot tubs, the toilet seats, and just being around dirty clothes in general. You would think I would have matured out of this ridiculous notion, but things have only escalated since then. 

With shows like, ‘I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant,’ how is a girl supposed to go on living a ‘normal’ life. These women were also living normal lives when they woke up one day and were in labor! During my last trip to the female doctor, I asked the million-dollar Cosmo-mag favorite question:  Have you ever heard of anyone getting pregnant who had never or was not engaging in the act that naturally lends itself to pregnancy? Her response horrified me. Apparently my mockable theory had been tested and there were, in fact, some patients she had helped throughout the past decade of her tenure that claimed this very feat. Oh, lovely. So I made my paranoid stop at the nearest Walgreen’s to defeat my ‘fantastical nightmare’ once again. 
And here I am, relishing in the terror of others who ‘just gave birth in a dorm’ or ‘never gained any weight.’ These shows are downright crazy and enough to make any female start feeling nauseous in the mornings and craving bizarre foods. Next up on my TEVO list? Sixteen and Pregnant. At least I have a few good friends to remind me that this particular scenario, no matter how disastrous it may seem, will never happen to me; I am 23.

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