Stalker Files

I have had my fair share, for whatever reason, of bizarre men that have followed me in my life. I guess I made it a point in high school to meet everyone that I could; I loved that everyone had a story. I would sit by kids who were flying solo during lunch, kids who sat in the back of the class, people who’s lockers found their way next to mine year-in and year-out.

One summer during college, a particular ‘locker compadre’ of mine showed up at my front door (the front door to my parents house, listed in the school directory for ages). There is a knock, then my mom answers the door, then she calls for me. It’s 9 o’clock at night…and I have a visitor? I walk downstairs, trying to mask my surprise that ‘G’ has come….has walked three miles from his house…to appear before me on West 145th street. He is sweating profusely and hands me a rolled-up poster from a movie he thought I would enjoy. I am stunned. He hangs out longer than I had the stamina for conversation and then leaves.
But the best, and I mean the absolute cake-taker was ‘A.’ This one I am assuredly using only a letter because he scares the crimany out of me to this day. Just the other night, I received a text message from an unknown number after missing several calls from an unknown source. I’m petrified. I force Bryan to charge his Visa card $13.95 to back-trace the call and he does- everything seems to be a simple mistake. But why would I react with such panic after all of these years? Because of ‘A.’
This all started the February of my last year of college. For fear of terrifying my audience or being completely and utterly inappropriate, I will only paste certain excerpts of the facebook messages that eventually led to a complete blocking/discussion with the police:
February 16, 2007 (11:15pm)
I don’t know why I write to you when I’ve been drinking. We’re not really friends; the last time I’ve seen you was graduation.What’s four years on Valentine’s day? Four years ago was junior year. I’m thinking it was Pat, but wasn’t Sweetheart on a Saturday (the 15)?I remember coming to class the week after and hearing you were dating Pat. “I can’t believe I’m dating Pat,” was the quote I remember. I couldn’t either. It’s not like I ever thought we’d be together, you’re this good girl convservative Christian no sex till marriage type, and I’m a hardcore liberal Atheist. I remember the first time I ever really took a look at you. It was the beginning of the semester; we had just had an assembly (spirit week?). You still had on your drill team shorts. Everyone was stearing (sp?) at you.

I don’t expect you to respond; to do so means I’ve had some effect on you. While you’ve certainly had an effect on me (you’ll have to respond if you want to know how šŸ™‚ (and it’s nothing sexual at all). It’s not at all what you might think.), I’m just some guy you’ve had a class with back in High School.

I’m sorry for being the way I am, I would’ve done things differently if I could.


February 23, 2007 (1:57 am)

“Hey ‘A’–

Thanks for all memories & good to hear from you. So sorry to hear about your loss, hope all is well. I am curious to know what “affect” you are referring to as I obviously am unaware! Have a good night!



February 23, 2007 (7:30pm)

As to what affect you had on me, well, it’s a bit complicated. For starters, every time I see a redhead I think of you :). Ok, so that’s rather insignificant. I think knowing you has made me much more conservative. Before I met you, I wasn’t against abortion. Now, it seems rather arbitrary and wrong to decide when life begins, when biologically, it is always a life.

In a somewhat related note, sex. My views on sex probably changed because of you. I’m definetly more conservative now. I don’t see getting laid as mission, or as a conquest. I could never sleep with a drunk chick, there’s just so much baggage there.


March 2, 2007 (2:57 am)

“You can go back to your regularly scheduled ignoring of me. :)”


March 8, 2007 (9:28 pm)

Oh why do I even bother? I really don’t know anymore. Do you drink? If you don’t, I think you should try it. I bet you’d being an amazing drunk. You were always so fun to be around; pretty much everything I gave you crap for I actually admired about you. Wow, that’s pretty pathetic; I’m sure I’m going to regret this tomorrow. Are you coming back to OP for spring break? I want to see you. Just once, and I promise I’ll leave you alone forever, should you so choose. I don’t know why I’m still interested in you; perhaps the purity and goodness of you.

So I’m probably going to call you Sat or Sun. I’m assuming I have your number (### ### ####). After that, I guess it’s goodbyes. I swear I’m not an emo kid; alcohol just makes me think of all of the regrets in my life.

Goodnight, my favorite redhead. In case you can’t tell, I’m a rather f***** up individual. But in a good way :).


March 9, 2007 (9:13 am)

“I think it’s time for me to close this chapter in my life. I am sorry. Unless something extraordinary happens in my life, I won’t be contacting you again. You’re free to contact me, but I don’t think I’ve got to worry about that :).

June 8, 2007 (11:49pm)

“So I think I said I wouldn’t be contacting you again unless something important happened in my life. But this is pretty much all you, or maybe 95% you and 5% me. I’d call ya, but I don’t have your number any more. I’d tell ya, but you’d ignore me, like normal. I had you all blocked out of my mind, then this comes up. I’ll be in town tomorrow, doing a Habitat for Humanity thingy. Learned about it at church last Sun. (don’t worry, I’m still on the dark side, as you’d probably call it) In KCK i think. You in OP, TX? You should call me ### ### ####. ****. It’s been so long, I don’t even know what you’re really like anymore.

**** it, I’m going to tell you. Go to this link: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . (Not around your parents or anyone else). I found it last Sat. when I was looking for **** to ****off to. (Exciting life, right?) I’m pretty sure thats you in the first post. If it’s not, well, oops :). I don’t have a picture of you to compare it to. It’s from a while ago, I think, judging from the X on you hand. I’m sorry if it’s not you, and I’m sorry if it is. Haven’t told any one about this, hell I pretty much hated everyone in HS except for a few. If this is you, you should be a little more careful. Digital Camera + Hot Chick=Internet.

Well, I’m off for tonight. Please give me a call either way, though I doubt you will (doing so would mean I have had some sort of influence on your life, can’t have that can we?). I’m probably going to regret this tomorrow.”


911…absolutely. And ladies, I would advise just staying at the ‘popular kids’ lunch table. These things tend to get out of hand….

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