Maserati’s, Seals, & Hot Pants

The concept of people living somewhere I consider a vacation hot spot is still something I’m not quite used to. In a place where even the plumber is at the beach (and left his van clearly marked/parked in front of the ocean) and where t-shirts proclaim ‘Tijuana 10K, Run for the Border,” it only makes sense that it’s my soon-to-be husbands natural habitat.
Last weekend, we made the trip out to San Diego, California to surprise Bryan’s family and say hello ( I told you I absolutely love surprises!) Sometimes I think I love them too much. I have no problem surprising someone at the expense of their own embarrassment, humiliation, or terror. To me, all is fair in ‘love and surprises.’ I’m sure that all my friends can attest to this.
Anyways, Bryan got to drive me around all weekend in a prized little hand-me-down from the more eccentric side of the family…a burgundy-colored Maserati that suddenly transformed the tranquil man I knew into a cunning and slick driver. Clearly, I didn’t fair so well with the rushing wind. We pull into a gas station, only to get a load of this (blue shorts, anyone?) and I am reminded that I am in the free for all state.
We visited my favorite thing in the city–the seals–which sparked a conversation that I hadn’t thought of in quite a few years. Everyone has had a ‘bad kiss’ with someone in the past- I have at least two. My incident just happens to bear the name of ‘the seal.’ How, you ask? Because at this point in my remote past, I was sitting upwards on the carpet in a house I shared with a few girls from college, when I was ‘encroached upon’ by a certain gentleman who refused to fully get up from his comfortable position lying on his stomach. As he was coming in for the kill, I kept thinking…this is the most unnatural behavior, it looks like a yoga pose, and everything about this gesture in my direction was forced. And he looked like a seal. A while later, I replicated the incident for the cameras…
I love San Diego, the ‘real’ seals, and the ability to wear hot pants with cheek-cutting tan lines no matter what your age or where you are.

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