That First Song

I spent the better part of my Friday night waltzing and jiving around my little apartment to one of some odd 57 songs I tried to imagine playing in the background of my ‘first dance.’ And though my tempo was ungodly fast and my dance moves far more theatrical than honest, I’m sure that one of them is bound to work. The music makes the dance.

On this topic, I worked my first wedding as the solo coordinator for the ceremony portion of the event on Thursday night (yes- what a way to ring in the New Year!) With the amount of painstaking effort on my part to make sure everything goes as planned for my own wedding day, I tried to make the experience the same for the bride that evening. We (myself and the church coordinator, who had clearly staked her ground as the ringleader of this operation) began sending the families down the aisle to start the procession. Next, we sent the groomsmen. Next, we sent the bridesmaids. Next, we sent the bride. I watched through a tiny window above the door as she made it to the alter. I noticed that the organist proceeded to play for about another minute and found this odd. She’s already there, what is he doing? After about a minute of music playing with her standing up there already, it finally stops. I sigh of relief. And then I hear the familiar jolting tune of ‘Here comes the Bride.’
Yes. We had sent everyone down the aisle one song ahead. And the organist’s back was to the audience, so he continued to play assuming that the bride had yet to walk. He played the entire number, while I stood aside cringing, knowing the whole thing was memorialized on video.
This is yet another reason why I’m not hiring a videographer for my wedding.

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