Oddities around Manhattan

Today I was laughing pretty hard just remembering a few key oddities I saw during my time in New York. Everyone has the things that really get to them. These are just some of my real winners…

The Outdoor-Anywhere Gym: as evidenced by this compadre, you can work out whenever, wherever. Push ups are a surprisingly common thing to see around town. This one just happened to be passing some time while waiting for his table to be called at a nearby midtown Mexican restaurant.
The Anywhere Wash Your Squash: That’s right…I said it. My mother used to have us go shower because it was time to ‘wash our squash.’ Never did figure out what that squash was. Anyhow, there was a gentleman in ‘my’ subway terminal every morning who did just that. He lined up about 50 Ozarka bottles of water that he had been recycling/refilling and used a bar of soap to clean his face, arms & armpits, etc–all the while keeping his sweats on because it was frigid. He liked to ‘shower’ during normal 8 am subway traffic, so I saw him most everyday. On one of my last mornings in the city, I passed him ‘washing his squash.’ I felt like my experience had finally come full-circle.
The No-pants dance: While having my daily conversation with Bryan on my way home from work, I used to tune everything out. Somewhere in my subconscious, I quickly exited that state when I saw a woman walking in my direction with an open trench coat, a black turtle-neck, and a pair of black panty-hose with heels. I can see everything. Panty-hose are not pants.
The Hallelujah: Every single night–without fail–there was a man who walked outside of our apartment complex and yelled (very loudly) “Hah-leh-luh-yaaaaa!” multiple times for a period of about 2 minutes. It was always sometime around 10pm. Everyday I ran to my window to see who it was, but like a thief in the night, he was gone. Like an old hymn, I will never forget it.
Subway Signage: Obviously the sign in the picture is helpful. Too bad there are a million freaking people in the city and finding one wearing a burgundy vest is like finding a needle in a haystack. There were also tons of random stats about how many people broke their legs running down the stairs to catch the train. I think the bigger hazard is trying to read the signs while running.
The Sleep Anywhere Gig: You can see that there is plenty of room in NYC for a nap. Don’t mind me, sir, I will just sit over here.

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