The Special at Pei Wei

After a particularly rough weekend consisting of me running like a crazy person through downtown, caring for my ill-fated bird, and trying to seam up wedding stuff, I just wanted to eat chinese for dinner. Bryan had suggested Chipotle, but I was hell-bent on some deep-setting sweet and sour chicken. Besides, the 57 billboards around the DFW area that proclaimed the new Vietnamese dish, I just wanted my monthly fix.

Bryan got the special, I got the sweet and sour, end of story.
About three hours later, Bryan isn’t feeling so hot. He is (violently) ill every hour or so until 7:30am in the morning. Each time he got up from my couch, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do–give him Sprite? A wet rag? Be with him? Run him a bath? (this actually came to fruition) Also, I had the realization that I had to use the restroom badly just about every time he shut the bathroom door. Seeing as these episodes involved a lot of back and forth, the only options were: outside or the kitchen sink. Needless to say, my bird hasn’t looked at me the same and paper towels aren’t nearly as soft as TP.
Two Pedialyte’s and one piece of toast later, Bryan and I are at the CareNow in Egyptown of Fort Worth at 11pm at night. I almost passed out when he had his blood drawn. He’s eaten something funky, no doubt. When we left, he asked if we could pick up some Pei Wei. ugh.

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