Get Lucky

I know that March is almost over and that means the passing of another St. Patrick’s Day season, but I can’t help but feel memories of Patty’s Past still lingering in the air. This year, in honor of the holiday, I went to dinner in Dallas with my fiance…and the Priest who will be officiating at our wedding (said Priest was also part of an earlier post that involved me riding in the back of a white van, being asked puzzling questions about my love for Bryan, and trying to whisper while everyone else in the van was definitely listening).

Since this year’s holiday went a bit more unusual than most, I couldn’t help but think of another unusual time when I commemorated the event: Get Lucky.
I was a freshman in college and was relatively seasoned in fraternity/sorority social and party life. I understood– I usually had to come up with a ridiculous costume and bring some semblance of a man. The theme of this night was ‘Get Lucky.’ Seeing as fraternities are so clever with their pun-loaded party titles, I shouldn’t have been surprised. A green sweatshirt, skirt, a green alligator necklace, green shoes, and a side ponytail later, I was ready to go. We loaded onto the required party buses and were on our way. We pulled into the parking lot, where we were directed to turn around and go right back to campus.
Apparently the sponsoring fraternity had vandalized the public restrooms (i.e. ripped the wall dryers literally off the walls) and there had been a lot of inebriation. So much so that the bus that left prior to us had to pull over for one gentleman to use the restroom in a parking lot. His date had followed and popped a squat right in front of him, and also right in front of a campus police car. Seriously, who shows their skittles in front of cop lights?
Needless to say, a vulgar scene for the cop was enough to shut the party down. I was dropped off in front of my dorm, in full costume, sober as a duck, with only a picture of myself smiling to show for it. I suppose not having to witness the panty-dropper was ‘lucky enough.’

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