Stone Cold Cold Stone

I once worked for Cold Stone Creamery for three months. To this day, it stands as the shortest stint I’ve had with a company. Yes, yes….the same place where when you tip the workers’ sing. I never really was into breaking out in chorus, especially when there might only be three staff members working that night. I was embarrassed, but I liked ice cream. And I got to take home a free concoction every day.

The bosses (two males) often left a few of us young girls to keep things running while they were away. On one particular afternoon, I was given orders to ‘decorate the cakes’ while they were gone. When they got back that afternoon, they expected that I would have a few gorgeous designs to show them. Boy, were they in for a surprise.
I’ve never claimed to be a cake decorator, I only claimed to love cakes. I scanned the bar for any ingredients I would be able to use to help create my masterpiece. Bingo. I took an extra waffle cone, flipped it upside-down, and proceeded to create every 5 year old little boy’s fantasy: a volcano cake. Lava spilled down the sides of the cone and created a pooling of frostings at the bottom. I was very impressed with myself. The bosses came back and reviewed my work. I was immediately told it “looked like (insert your own replacement for ‘dung’).” One of them told me they would put it in the cake case, but that I had basically just washed twenty five dollars down the drain. I was stunned. How could this be? What a clever and resourceful idea I had had. And by no means was I used to being cursed at.
I went home for the day, mortified and embarrassed beyond belief. See, I wasn’t used to failing at much. I explained to my parents the ordeal and how I didn’t want to go back to work and see that cake in the case of a reminder of what I’d done. I felt like I should just buy it myself. My mom assured me I wouldn’t have to do that. She called my uncle, handed him a twenty, and sent him to exclaim that this was the ‘coolest cake ever.’ He purchased it. Apparently the looks on their faces were priceless. When I showed up for work the next day, I never heard a word about it. I was also not asked to decorate anymore cakes.
Shortly after this incident, and being yelled at for lip-synching tunes, I threw in the towel on the creamery.

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