God’s Calling

Sitting in church:

A woman in a faded tee-shirt and khakis walks up to the altar, bows, and starts to pick up the large red Bible. The priest, sitting behind her, makes hand motions to signal this is the wrong one. She walks over to the pulpit, where another Bible is waiting for her. She opens it; she flips several pages, but cannot find her place. The priest pushes against the armrests, stands up, and walks over, instructing her to one of the gospels.

The life of a lector, I imagine, is not an easy one. You must know when to go, where to go, what to read, how to read, and how to bow out graciously. I let my mind wander.

Minutes later, a gentleman pauses at the foot of the steps, sighs while closing his eyes, and walks intently towards the podium. He surveys the crowd with his head tilted back, adjusts the Bible, and then pauses long and hard before starting into his verses. His trombone-like voice and corresponding facials say he means business. Suddenly, we are all interrupted by someone’s cell phone. It’s a familiar jingle- an iphone ring- and it’s definitely throwing our guy off. I look up to see him assailing his pockets until he finds his device and silences it.

“God’s calling,” says the priest from behind.

As he finishes up his ready, we all hear a ‘dah-ding.’ Looks like God left a voicemail.

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